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Kick off a learning summer with Bui Education!

Updated: May 9, 2022

A wide range of online English and Vietnamese courses are now available to English and Vietnamese language learners all over the world.

English courses

If you want to brush up your English language skills, join our English for General Communication courses. Our courses are highly engaging so you won't sit still and take notes. We will get you to move and speak! Only then will you become more confident and comfortable when you communicate in English. We offer courses for beginners and intermediate and advanced learners.

Sign up in May to get 10% birthday discount on all courses.

Vietnamese courses

Looking for a new language to learn? Spend this summer learning Vietnamese, a beautiful and exotic language. Vietnamese is "notorious" for its six tones but don't you worry! Our teacher, Julie Bui is a Vietnamese native with a lot of experiences teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language. She will make sure that learning is not only effective but also fun. Read what old students comment on her teaching style here.

What are you waiting for? Join us and kick off this learning summer with Bui Education.

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